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Room Ventilation Testing

The technicians at Environmental Testing Services are well versed in testing ventilation in a variety of settings. The feedback and written documentation provided by our technicians allows ETS to assist you in making adjustments should an area not meet ventilation requirements.

Environmental Testing Services, Inc. assesses and provides documentation for the following:

  • Relative room pressure at every door
  • Air supply in cubic feet per minute at each vent
  • Air return/exhaust in cubic feet per minute at each vent
  • Total supply and total exhaust
  • Air change rate per hour
  • Total volume of the room – based on actual measurement
  • Pass/Fail status based on ventilation requirements

Rooms we typically test may be found here.

Our ventilation test report provides complete results of our findings for each room along with a detailed schematic drawing. These features provide the documentation you need during compliance monitoring and affords HVAC personnel critical information for adjusting ventilation in the room.

We work in cooperation with facility personnel when ventilation adjustments are needed and we complete the subsequent testing to document compliance.

In operating rooms we offer optional leak testing and employee exposure monitoring for chemicals such as nitrous oxide and halogenated agents (isoflurane, desflurane, and sevoflurane). We also offer employee exposure monitoring for aldehydes and sterilization compounds in areas where these chemicals are used, including labs.