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Medical Alarm Systems Testing

Master Alarms

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requires master alarms to monitor the medical gas system components and communicate the status of the system.

ETS functionally tests all master alarm signals – a standard which goes far beyond pressing the test button to see if an alarm sounds.

Our method creates conditions which trigger the master alarms. We can then accurately evaluate the ability of the system to alert facility personnel. In addition, a technician monitors each master alarm panel to verify these critical alarms. All this is accomplished without disrupting patient care.

Based on your system configuration we test and verify:

  • Bulk supply system main and reserve alarms
  • Bulk supply system alarm set pressures-including adjustment to sensors which are out of calibration
  • Medical gas manifold bank switchover signals
  • Main line high/low sensors of each supply/source system
  • Medical air compressor and vacuum pump local source alarms
  • Alarm system labeling
Area Alarms

Area alarms are required in critical care areas and anesthetizing locations; testing includes making sure alarms are installed in required areas.

We check all area alarms for:

  • Proper function-with the option for functional testing
  • Labeling accuracy
  • Gauge accuracy
  • The presence of leaks