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Backfeed Services

When new construction, demolition or an emergency disrupts the usual supply of medical gases to your facility, ETS can provide equipment and recommend a process for uninterrupted flow to the affected areas.

Professional Support

Our experienced technicians are available to plan the backfeed with you so that personnel and equipment are on-site and ready for a planned shut-down and verification of your facility.

Equipment Rental

We maintain an inventory of regulators, hoses and adapter fittings for all types of medical gases and outlets. You may rent these assemblies or, if you opt to purchase regulators, we can provide customized set-up.


Verification is required before the system is returned to service so that leaks, cross-connections and the introduction of any impurities is avoided.

One of our licensed medical gas verifiers will verify the system at the conclusion of the back-feed in accordance with the applicable NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) code.