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Dental, Industrial & Lab Gas

dentalDental, Industrial & Lab Gas

ETS, Inc. can inspect and provide the proper documentation for Category 3 verifications.

Category 3 and Dental Services

ETS has been providing Dental Category 3 medical gas verifications for over 35 years.

When time is short and a new dentist office needs to open, ETS can be your valued partner.

Let us simplify your plumbing final and help you provide the dentist with a safe and NFPA-compliant medical gas system.

If you suspect your existing medical gas system has leaks or is not functioning properly, we have the expertise to find and repair any leaks in your system.

  • Level 3 Dental Installer’s Checklist – Coming soon.
Industrial Piped Gas Testing

If your project requires testing of an industrial piped gas system, ETS has experience in a full range of verification services from industrial labs to high tech manufacturing.

You can call ETS when high purity gas systems require verification services.