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Existing Facility Surveys

Piped gas system testing provides our customers information to evaluate patient safety, cost savings and compliance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), CGA (Compressed Gas Association), ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineers) and other accreditation agencies such as The Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare.

Regular piped medical gas inspections are an important part of a facility’s maintenance schedule-typically completed on an annual basis; however, we also offer alternative schedules to accommodate your needs.

Our testing determines the condition of the entire system below:

Upon test completion our technician(s) will meet with you to review the test results.

We provide a complete report of our findings, detailing the function and compliance of your medical gas system, with supporting data, for all source equipment systems, zone valves, alarms and medical gas outlets/inlets.

This document affords the kind of detailed information needed during certification and compliance monitoring, and in maintaining your facility.

We extend our services to the next level when you opt to repair your medical gas system. Our problem-solving approach focuses on finding solutions to deficiencies and preparing for accreditation, regardless of the age of the facility. Our technicians routinely complete medical gas system repairs and can provide options for third-party repairs if needed.